Resident Evil Survey Gives Fans Freebie for Their Opinions

Capcom wants opinions from Resident Evil fans regarding Resident Evil Village and other topics with a new survey set up this week to collect those responses. This survey is naturally geared towards those who played Village, but it also includes questions about things like the new Resident Evil Re:Verse game as well as the Winter's Expansion planned for Village next month. For their troubles, Resident Evil fans also get a wallpaper featuring several characters who made appearances in Village.

The survey was shared on social media this week via the Twitter account for the Resident Evil Portal service. It's available in a couple of different languages and isn't especially long compared to some other questionnaires we've seen, and you don't have to put in any personal info beyond some demographic details either.

For those who might be looking for hints about what's to come or things of that nature, the survey is pretty mundane as far as the questions go. It asks about various aspects of Village such as the quality of its horror-focused moments and the difficulty level. Crafting systems and the variety of weapons and enemies were talked about at times, too, but the responses are mostly the usual answers that range from strongly in favor of something to strongly against.

Beyond Village, the survey also asks about the game's expansion that's coming in October. This expansion adds a third-person mode as well as "a new scenario starring a grown-up Rose" to show what Ethan's daughter is up to after the events of the game. Capcom mainly just wants to know if people have heard of the expansion and if they plan on playing it.


One question about Resident Evil Re:Verse – a game that's not out yet and will launch alongside the expansion – asked players how they felt about it being given away for free for those who purchased Village. Responses have been pretty lukewarm to the game so far, but free is free, so it's a funny sort of question to include given that participants should already have Village and will therefore get Re:Verse for free anyway.

Once you're done with the survey, you get the wallpaper shown above that features Ethan, Chris Redfield, Rose, and Mother Miranda.