Riot Games Merch Creates Intense Gentleman Gnar Ad

Riot Games uploaded a video on Wednesday to their Riot Games Merch account on YouTube to showcase [...]

Riot Games Merch
(Photo: Riot Games)

Riot Games uploaded a video on Wednesday to their Riot Games Merch account on YouTube to showcase their Special Edition Gentleman Gnar figure that's now included in their League of Legends merch catalog. The figure depicts Gnar sitting in his overstuffed chair, sipping a cup of tea, and decked out in his monocle and top hat. If you haven't seen the video that accompanies the figure yet, check it out the above link real quickly to provide proper context.

While the figure is certainly adorable enough, it's still just a figure, which means it doesn't do a whole lot beside sit there and look pretty. This gives Gnar his second figure while most champs have yet to receive one. That, coupled with the fact that the stationary collectible costs $25, may have led Riot to believe that some people may make remarks that include "overpriced" or "greedy Riot," but the company was having none of that. They took care of these complaints before they could even begin, posting another video to their merch page while thanking the community for their feedback and promising them they'd enjoy an alternate advertisement they created for the figure.

"Intense" is just one of the many ways to describe the revamped ad from Riot's merch department. Riot has been slaying memes left in right; outdated champions have been updated, we've got our replays, Teemo got his Satan Teemo skin, and it looks like the complaints of greed surrounding Riot's free-to-play game is next on the chopping block.

Like any good ad, there's a disclaimer at the end to make sure Riot covers themselves and avoids any possible misunderstandings about the figure. The disclaimer clears up any misconception that the figure will do anything but sit on a shelf, nor will it improve your gameplay, saying, "Purchasing Gentleman Gnar will not make you any better at top lane you should probably practice more anyway."

Maybe their intent was to try out a new advertising method, or perhaps this ad had a deeper purpose of showing off the duality of Gnar's gentle yet fierce personality. Either way, we hope to see more animations like this from Riot Games in the future.