Rocket League's Next Radical Summer Phase Includes a Knight Rider Car and WWE Items

Rocket League’s Radical Summer event that spans pretty much the entire season is still going on [...]

Rocket League's Radical Summer event that spans pretty much the entire season is still going on now, and Phase 3 is about to be underway soon when the game features the best that television had to offer during the '80s. The aptly titled 80s Television phase is scheduled to begin on July 22nd and will run until it ends weeks later on August 12th. The full details of the next phase of the event haven't been revealed yet, but we do know that at least one car pack is coming tha'tll introduce a very familiar vehicle to the game.

The Knight Rider Car Pack is an optional DLC that players might've seen advertised on the Radical Summer site, but it'll be fully in the game come July 22nd when the TV phase begins. This $2 DLC includes the Knight Rider vehicle as well as a few other accessories, Psyonix announced in the preview for the next phase.

"Knight Industries has crafted its own Knight Industries Two-Thousand (also known as K.I.T.T.) for one mission: to dominate the pitch," Psyonix said. "The iconic car headlines the Knight Rider Car Pack DLC that will be available July 22 for $1.99 (or regional equivalent), which also includes K.I.T.T. Wheels and K.I.T.T. Gullwing Topper. Sorry, self-driving capabilities are not included."

Since the entire phases is built around '80s TV, the Knight Rider vehicle of course won't be the only themed item that goes on sale. Items from DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender and the WWE will also be revealed at some point during the phase. Rocket League players who have been around for a while will recall that the devs have released WWE items more than once before.

Another new limited-time mode is also part of the third phase's plans. Instead of the normal ball that rockets around the arena and into nets, this 2v2 mode will feature a bouncing beach ball that curves and floats.

"Hop into your Battle-Car, put on your aviators, and hit the sandy beaches of Salty Shores for the new limited-time Beach Ball Mode," Psyonix said. "This feel-good mode features 2-on-2 action with a large, reskinned ball that floats and curves just like a beach ball. We look forward to seeing your sweet beach montages in super slow-mo."

Rocket League's '80s Television phase of the Radical Summer event starts on July 22nd.