Rocket League Players Getting Free Car in New Event

Rocket League's next big event that's just under a week away now offers players a chance to earn a free vehicle that's brand new to the game. Psyonix showed off that car – the Redline – this week on socials and in a blog post on the Rocket League site detailing how players could get the car and what else they can expect from the event. The Drive Days event starts on April 26th, Psyonix said, and to get this car, players will have to complete a couple of challenges first.

The Redline car is the main attraction of Rocket League's freebies from the next event, but players can also earn a bit more like wheels and decals. Psyonix has not yet detailed what these challenges will look like, but it did preview some of what players will earn from them as well as a look at the Redline car below in the event trailer.

"Lookin' for something new? You've come to the right place. Players who complete Drive Days Challenges will be rewarded with the Redline Car (Breakout Hitbox)," a preview of the event's rewards said. "You'll also unlock Items like the Spacerocker and Buffstuff Wheels, plus a couple of decals to customize your Redline."

Billed as the "biggest car-stravaganza of all time," this event, in addition to giving players the free car, is bringing players tons of different options for in-shop vehicles, too. Those include some golden cars and will be featured in the shop at the start of the event on April 26th with a new wave of vehicles added the week afterwards.

"Step right up, and don't be shy. We've got dozens of Cars waiting to come home to your Garage! Painted cars? Got 'em. Titanium White, Black, Forest Green—we even have some Gold cars in the back!" Psyonix teased. "The first lineup of cars will arrive in the Item Shop on April 26 as part of the Car Show tab, but the fun doesn't end there. On May 3, we'll release a whole new lineup of cars, so don't miss out!"

Rocket League's big Drive Days event is scheduled to get underway on April 26th.