Rocket League's Double Drop-Rate Bonus Now Live

For this weekend only, Rocket League players have double the chances of earning loot regardless of [...]

Rocket League
(Photo: Psyonix)

For this weekend only, Rocket League players have double the chances of earning loot regardless of what platform you're playing on.

Psyonix announced the news of the bonus loot incentive for Rocket League players days ago, but in case you'd forgotten or missed the initial post, the game's official Twitter account is here to remind you. Tweeting about the Double Drop-Rate bonus that's now live, the Rocket League account also provided a link to all the details including how long the event will last.

"Starting Thursday, May 10, all Uncommon or higher free customization items and active Crates will drop more frequently after Online matches of any game type," the Rocket League announcement said. "Your chances of earning a Painted version of an item, be it from a drop, a Crate or through the Trade-In system, are doubled as well!"

The announcement also provided the full schedule for the event that's now live. If you missed the first two days since it started on Thursday, you've still got more opportunities to earn even more loot since the bonus will run until Monday.

  • Start Time: Thursday, May 10, 5pm PDT (8pm EDT, 2am CEST on May 11)
  • End Time: Monday, May 14, 10am PDT (1pm EDT, 7pm CEST)

Psyonix also just released the summer plans for Rocket League that include cross-platform parties and friends as well as updates to the leveling and experience systems. All of those details can be seen below as well as through our initial report.

In addition, a Cross-Platform Friends & Parties feature is being planned, including the following:

  • Register an in-game ID that is a combination of a name with a unique code, like Scarab#7777
  • Add friends from other platforms by entering their ID into the new, in-game friends list
  • Party up with your new cross-platform friends and play online!

Leveling Updates

  • We're removing the level cap of 75 and re-balancing the entire level-up curve. Levels will take a fixed amount of XP to earn instead of becoming exponentially longer as you level up.
  • You'll be converted to a new level appropriate for how much you've played Rocket League in your career.
  • Leveling up grants you an Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, or Import item (instead of these drops being randomly-timed as they are currently)
  • You can earn new Titles and Banners at level 100 and beyond to show off your status

XP Updates

  • As part of the leveling updates, XP is going to become Online-only
  • XP will now be based on Time Played in matches in addition to your Score.
  • New XP Mechanics!
  • Match Completion Bonus (for finishing games)
  • Consecutive Games Bonus (for staying in Casual lobbies)
  • Party Bonus (for playing with friends)
  • Leaver Penalty (to punish quitters in all modes)
  • Double XP Weekends
  • And more!