Rockstar Games Insider Theory Has Bully Fans Excited

A new theory/suggestion from a prominent Rockstar Games insider has fans of Rockstar Games' [...]

A new theory/suggestion from a prominent Rockstar Games insider has fans of Rockstar Games' forgotten series -- like Bully, Max Payne, Manhunt, L.A. Noire, The Warriors, and Midnight Club -- excited. This week, Rockstar Games announced that it had acquired Ruffian Games, a team best known for Crackdown 2. Following the acquisition, the team has been rebranded to Rockstar Dundee, and according to some job listings, it could be working on a new game for Rockstar or possibly some ports of older and pre-existing games.

Responding to this, prominent Rockstar Games insider, Yan2295, floated out the idea that the team may be working on some remasters of older Rockstar titles, or at least he wouldn't be surprised if this is what the studio was cooking up.

"If you remember the news from a few months ago, Ruffian Games was already working in collaboration with Rockstar on some project(s), and hired many new people for that," said Yan2295. " I wouldn't be surprised if they were working on remasters of some older Rockstar titles."

Of course, if this is true, it's possible these remasters will be of past Grand Theft Auto games or RDR1, the two main series of Rockstar Games. However, this generation Rockstar has shown that it's willing to resuscitate other series, like it did with L.A. Noire, when Rockstar contracted out to have the last-gen game brought to current-gen consoles.

Given that GTA 6 is in development and that GTA Online is still absolutely massive, it's hard to imagine Rockstar Games crowding these out with remasters of GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, and more. These games could be ported to next-gen consoles, but that's probably it. Meanwhile, a Red Dead Redemption remaster probably takes players away from Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online, which Rockstar Games also doesn't want. So this seems unlikely.

All of this is to say, if Rockstar Games is looking at remastering old titles, you'd have to imagine a series like Bully is a frontrunner. While the Bully series isn't as big as Red Dead or GTA, it's certainly Rockstar Games third most prominent series and one that fans have been begging Rockstar to do something with.

The chances of getting a new Bully are very slim. It would make Rockstar Games a lot of money, but not Red Dead or GTA money. It's hard to imagine a new game from Rockstar that isn't from one of these two series, which is why this theory has Bully fans and fans of Rockstar Games' other forgotten series excited, because it's probably the only chance any of series will live again.