New Rockstar Games Leak Possibly Hints at Developer's Next Game

A new Rockstar Games leak seemingly hints at the developer's next game. The question is: what's it [...]

A new Rockstar Games leak seemingly hints at the developer's next game. The question is: what's it hinting at? Grand Theft Auto VI? Bully 2? Red Dead Redemption Remake? Well, unfortunately, at the moment, it's unclear, but some fans of the developer's games have theories. And these theories don't point to the most obvious answer, which would be GTA 6. We know GTA 6 is in development, but will it be Rockstar Games' next release?

Over on Twitter, NickPlaysGames shared the LinkedIn page of Sarah Overend, an animator at Rockstar Games that has been with the developer for over four years. According to page, Overend, who previously worked on Red Dead Redemption 2, is working on Red Dead Online alongside a mystery "TBA" title. Again, the safe bet would be that this game is GTA 6, however, what's interesting is that Overend makes no mention of working on GTA Online. You'd assume that in addition to Red Dead Online, Overend would be working on GTA Online if they were also working on GTA 6, right?

As a result, many think this "TBA" title is not Grand Theft Auto 6, but something else. The most common suggestion is this project is actually for a remake of Red Dead Redemption, which has been rumored here and there. Meanwhile, others are suggesting it could be Bully 2, which was subject to many rumors throughout 2019, but recently, these rumors have completely dried up.

Unfortunately, for now, all we and fans of Rockstar Games can do is speculate. Again, this is most likely, Grand Theft Auto VI. However, it's worth pointing out that last week Rockstar Games announced GTA 5 is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2021, which may suggest GTA 6 is still quite a ways off. And if this is the case, then it's quite possible Rockstar Games will release something different before GTA 6 hits in 2063.

As always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think or hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know over there. What do you think this "TBA" title is?