Rockstar Games, Humble Bundle Team Up For Incredible Games Package For Charity

Every week, Humble Bundle goes out of their way to offer exceptional deals to PC gaming fans, [...]

Max Payne 3

Every week, Humble Bundle goes out of their way to offer exceptional deals to PC gaming fans, while at the same time helping our certain charities. But this week, the team has gone all out, pairing up to offer a variety of classics from Rockstar Games for just a few bucks – and for a good cause, to boot.

The Rockstar Games Humble Bundle is now live, going for the next two weeks and offering up some stellar classics for a great price, while at the same time giving 100 percent of proceeds to the Rainforest Alliance. Here's the breakdown of what you can get for just a few bucks:

$1 or more: First up, you get the very brutal Manhunt, which has you fighting for survival against some very dangerous convicts. You'll also get Max Payne, the original slo-mo shooter that started it all for that classic series. And there are two Grand Theft Auto classics included as well – the highly popular Grand Theft Auto III and the 80's inspired Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, two classics that are well worth revisiting.

$7.88 or more: You'll get the above games, as well as some more classics, including Bully: Scholarship Edition, where you try to make your way through a university while avoiding (or getting into) all sorts of trouble; L.A. Noire, the inspired detective story that has since seen a re-release for modern consoles; Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, a game that many consider to be the best in the series; and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, a terrific shoot-em-up that follows upon the original game's storyline.

$15 or more: Want to add even more into the mix? Pay this tier and you'll get the above games, along with a DLC Bundle for L.A. Noire, which expands the core adventure; Max Payne 3, which features the original tour-de-force action game and its respective DLC bundle; Grand Theft Auto IV, which continues the series in fine form with an all new "hero" and plenty of missions; and its Episodes From Liberty City spin-off, which features two additional side adventures, including The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.

That's quite a bit of gaming for $15, so head on over and take advantage of this sweet deal!