'Root' Announces Underworld Expansion Kickstarter

The popular board game Root is getting a second expansion. Yesterday, Leder Games launched a [...]

The popular board game Root is getting a second expansion. Yesterday, Leder Games launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of Root: The Underworld Expansion, which will be released in late 2019. The new expansion adds two new factions, the Great Underground Duchy made of moles and the insurgent Corvid Conspiracy that features crows. The new expansion will also include a new two-sided board featuring mountains and lakes and an updated ruleset. Those who back the Kickstarter will also get a few extra bonus items like custom meeples for the Vagabonds and a new "Exiles and Partisans" deck.

Root is an asymmetric board game that exploded onto the scene last year. Each player controls one of several woodland factions with their own abilities and endgoals. Some players vie for military domination, while other factions play as insurgents or as lone wolfs. Part war game, part resource management system, Root was a major force in the board game industry in 2018, picking up multiple rewards and high praise from veteran gamers for its high replayability.

Root's first expansion included a trade-based otter faction and a lizard cult that converts other factions' fighters into worshippers of a dragon god. It also included a new mode that allowed for single player or cooperative play.

The new Root Kickstarter will run through April 2nd and has already surpassed its initial $25,000 goal. Players can pledge money for just the new expansion or add-on the original Root base game and The Riverfolk expansion.


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