RuneScape Is Getting a Board Game and Tabletop Roleplaying Game

One of the longest running online roleplaying games is expanding onto the tabletop. Earlier today, Steamforged Games announced it would be publishing two games based on the classic video game RuneScape. Steamforged will launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund a board game version of RuneScape, while a TTRPG book compatible with Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition rules will go straight to stores. Both new games are expected to be released later this year and will feature characters and locations from RuneScape's 21-year old history. 

RuneScape originally launched back in 2001 and is credited as the largest free MMORPG available today, although most players use a premium subscription service when playing. The game is still going strong over 20 years after its launch, with a Steam version released in 2020 and a mobile version launched last year. 

The new RuneScape games continue Steamforged's line of video game tabletop adaptations, which include games based on Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Although details about both games are light, Steamforged note that the games will feature "fresh-but-faithful" adaptations of quests and characters from the game, with the board game featuring a 1-5 player campaign through the world of Gielinor. During the campaign, players will craft and upgrade equipment, upskill their characters, and take on a variety of different sidequests. The TTRPG will include a hardcover core book with rules for character-building and guides to building an adventure set in Gielinor. 

In a press release announcing the new adaptations, Phil Mansell of RuneScape developer Jagex noted that this is the first time RuneScape has been available to play in a non-digital format. "After more than 21 years of being exclusively available digitally, it's extremely exciting to be collaborating with Steamforged to create and deliver new RuneScape role-playing adventures to tabletop gamers," Mansell said. "By launching the board game via a crowdfunding platform, Steamforged is mirroring our approach of involving the RuneScape communities in taking the game to tabletop.  Given Steamforged's experience and expertise in transforming video game experiences to tabletop, I'm sure that both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape players will be excited to get their hands on the planned miniatures to create their own adventures with other 'Scapers and board gamers."