Sacred Stones: A Retro-inspired Boss Battler Game Arrives

If you're looking for a retro-inspired boss battler title, then Sacred Stones is definitely your [...]

If you're looking for a retro-inspired boss battler title, then Sacred Stones is definitely your style. THe latest game is available now on Steam as an Early Access title, but don't let the graphic style fool you! In true retro fashion, this game promises incredible challenges, nostalgic gameplay, and incredible levels to conquer.

According to a recent press release we received from the developers over at NoxBiX co:

"Sacred Stones brings a unique blend of retro-2D boss based gameplay. Explore the pixelized world, gathering items and weapons to help guide you to victory! Created by Sungjun Jo (NoxBix), Sacred Stones's retro-feel comes from its appearance, its soundtrack (created by "..P"), and its gameplay; Sacred Stones is retro to the core. The sensitive input controls complement the linear & challenging gameplay. You will find yourself jumping & shooting and running & fighting your way to the end of the game as you learn uncover new weapons & areas across the map!"


  • Be careful of the hardcore nature of Sacred Stones! In danger of falling, getting killed or becoming victim to your own error, players will face many challenges in their quest to beat the game.
  • Transport back to the 80s & 90s with the retro control scheme and sensitivity of Sacred Stones! Fast input feedback and quick gameplay are essential to mastering the game. Use the AZ & X keys for jumping, attacking, switching weapons and much more. Utilize the directional arrows as they are meant to be used: movement!
  • Find and use 4 different weapons to defeat the bosses and gain victory in Sacred Stones!
  • Face 20 different and unique bosses as you travel around the world. Each boss brings a new challenge and requires strategies catered to each to achieve victory.
  • Don't stop with what you see on the surface of Sacred Stones! As you navigate around the gameworld try and locate hidden missions to experience more of the amazing retro gameplay!

The boss-heavy game is available now in Early Access for $11.99! You can check it out for yourself in the video at the top of the article to learn more about the colourful adventure with a classic throwback style.