Saints Row's Second Expansion Release Date Revealed

The release date for the second Saints Row expansion has been revealed. Saints Row was released last year after the franchise was on ice for a number of years. The series started as a competitor to Grand Theft Auto, but quickly found its identity as something far quirkier and more extreme, almost acting as a parody to Rockstar's franchise. This was arguably the only way it would ever be able to compete and it did work. The series grew into something more than a simple story about climbing the criminal ladder, you eventually became President, got super powers, fought aliens, went to Hell, and so much more. It was absurd, but it was so absurd that Volition had no choice but to go back to basics when it decided to make a fifth game.

With that said, the Saints Row reboot got mixed reviews and fans really tore into it for not being what they wanted it to be. To Volition's credit, it has stuck with the game and continued to update it, resulting in major gameplay overhauls and improvements. We've also seen a roadmap with upcoming updates and expansions, one of which has already released. Now, we know when the second expansion will release. Saints Row is getting a new DLC on July 6th called Doc Ketchum's Murder Circus which includes a brand new "replayable mode", which seems to indicate it may be some kind of horde mode for players to grind out. A Murder Circus certainly sounds like something that would feature a horde mode, so we'll have to see exactly what it looks like.

As of right now, it remains to be seen how good this new expansion will be. There will also be a third and final expansion in August, though details are scarce on that one. It's unclear if there will be any more Saints Row games anytime soon after this one. This reboot didn't wow critics or move the needle commercially, so it may go back on ice.

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