Saints Row Reveals DLC Roadmap and Dead Island 2 Crossover

The team behind the Saints Row reboot has revealed its big DLC roadmap. The Saints Row series is one of the most beloved open-world franchises out there. While it initially seemed to be chasing the coat tails of Grand Theft Auto when it began, Volition upped the ante while Rockstar Games tried to ground things a bit more, allowing for Saints Row to feel more like a self-aware parody of open-world crime games. It also centered far more on gangs than GTA, giving it new perspective. Volition then went on to add things like super powers, aliens, and even made the protagonist the President of the United States. It got pretty crazy and to the point where they had no choice but to reboot.

Unfortunately, the reboot was not met with the same amount of love as the originals and seemingly didn't sell super well either. However, the team is committed to delivering on its promises of doing DLC. The roadmap for Saints Row's DLC has been revealed and it will all kick off in April with a free cosmetic pack featuring Dead Island 2 items. May, July, and August will all get a big expansion with new story missions, enemies, modes, and more. Fans who don't want to pay for anything else can also expect general free updates during each of those months. The roadmap promises a photo mode, new districts, a combat overhaul, new features, and more. Exact dates for these pieces of content have yet to be revealed, but at least we know the general time frame to expect these things.

It's great to see the team is still committed to delivering more Saints Row content, especially free updates that sound like they'll dramatically improve the game. As of right now, we have no idea if it will make the game that much better, but it sounds promising. Perhaps the game will get a second wind with these updates, but it remains to be seen.

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