‘Sega Genesis Classics’ Nintendo Switch Officially Dated For December

As if the lineup of Sega Ages titles on the system weren't enough to push gamers' nostalgia into overdrive, Sega's forthcoming compilation of Genesis games for Nintendo Switch should no doubt keep them going down that retro path as the holiday season comes forth.

The publisher has officially provided a release date for the Switch version of the 50-game compilation Sega Genesis Classics -- and it's set to arrive on December 9. A price point hasn't been given, but it's likely to be around $29.99 for the digital version and maybe $39.99 for the physical version, though we're still waiting for that information to be verified.

Released earlier this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, the collection celebrates some of the best games from the 16-bit era including two Sonic the Hedgehog games; the Streets of Rage collection; Toejam & Earl and its sequel Panic On Funkotron; Gunstar Heroes; ESWAT: City Under Siege; a pair of Shinobi games and so many others.

The trailer above also shows what features you can take advantage of on the Switch. Along with being able to play on the go or at home Sega Genesis Classics also features a rewind mode in case you make a mistake (where was that when we needed it in the 90's?!) along with a mirror mode so you can play the "opposite" way and a variety of challenges that can land you bonus virtual goodies for your game room.

Yes, in Sega Genesis Classics you get your own 90's style game room, complete with a virtual game library (all Sega Genesis cartridges, nice) and adjustable television. All that's missing is a boom box and a classic fighting stick.


I reviewed the PlayStation 4 version of Classics earlier this year; and although there were some slight issues with the emulation, I still found it to be a well-rounded package overall. "Had Sega Genesis Classics included more of our favorites (Pulse Man at the very least, c'mon) and a few more unlockable extras, it would've been the console's most quintessential collection to date. But as it stands, it's still a must have for retro fans or those of you seeking to relive one of the greatest moments in gaming history. It's jam-packed with great titles and options, and the online multiplayer options are surprisingly packed even if you never thought you wanted to challenge someone to a high-score contest of Kid Chameleon," I noted.

Sega Genesis Classics arrives on Nintendo Switch starting December 7. You can get the game now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.