Terrifying Seinfeld Survival Horror Game Comes to Dreams on PlayStation 4

In its short time available, Dreams on PlayStation 4 has inspired some truly incredible creativity. The sandbox title gives gamers a wealth of options to choose from, and players have used those tools to build things that are unique, to say the least. Dreams players seem to have an odd fascination with re-imagining sitcoms as video games, and the latest just so happens to be one of the most highly-acclaimed shows ever. Creator RareBirdInteractive has painstakingly recreated Jerry Seinfeld and Cosmo Kramer's apartments from the show Seinfeld, crafting a survival horror title around the two locations. It's bizarre to say the least, but it really does work, in its own strange way.

In the game, players take on the role of Jerry's nephew Donathan, as he explores the two apartments. In the game, we can hear Donathan's internal dialogue as he looks at familiar sights, including the levels Kramer built in his apartment. None of the show's main characters are there, but there is one villain silently stalking Donathan: Mr. Marbles, the creepy ventriloquist dummy that appeared in the episode The Chicken Roaster. Of course, the dummy is a bit more threatening, this time around!

What's so amazing about the game is the attention to detail, and how the creator uses these familiar elements to build a creepy setting. Jerry and Kramer's apartments were often depicted at night, or in low light, but the game uses that to build tension. Of course, nothing seems creepier than the red light glaring through the windows of Kramer's apartment from the neon sign at Kenny Roger's Roasters, while Mr. Marbles can be heard cackling in the darkness. It isn't shown in the video, but it is possible for players to escape Mr. Marbles and head on over to Monk's restaurant, the coffee shop showcased throughout the series.


It should be noted that, while the game is playable, it's also currently a work in progress. As such, it will be interesting to see what gets added, down the line. The developer has already said that the dialogue might end up getting re-done, and it's merely there as a placeholder, for now. Overall, for Seinfeld fans, this should prove to be quite the entertaining experience.

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