Skate Reveals First Look at "Early" Gameplay

At long last, Electronic Arts and developer Full Circle have today shown off the first glimpse of gameplay from the fourth entry in the Skate series, which is formally just being called Skate. While it was stressed that this footage is still from a very early version of the game, EA made clear that it's looking to include a ton of fan feedback into the project. So much so, in fact, that it's now encouraging people to sign-up to take part in future testing phases for the title. 

This new gameplay video for Skate, which you can find in the tweet attached below, made clear that the game is still very much in the development process at Full Circle. The footage that was shown was jokingly said to be from a "pre-pre-pre-alpha" version of Skate, which means that most of what is seen isn't even close to being finished. That being said, you can get a broad idea of how Skate is shaping up even though many of the character models and environments have yet to be finalized. 

To ensure that Full Circle gets things right with Skate, though, it has today encouraged fans who are looking forward to the game to join the Skate Insider program. "As a Skate insider, you have the chance to play early versions of the game and provide feedback throughout our development journey," EA explained on its website about this new initiative. "We need to scale access to Skate gradually as development progresses to ensure a smooth experience, and that means we can't guarantee how soon you'll get to play."

At this point in time, it's still unknown when Skate will launch, even though 2023 is a window that has been reported in the past. Still, the fact that EA is now looking to let people play the game in some capacity to get feedback is a good sign. Whether or not we'll learn more about the launch of Skate in the near future remains to be seen, but whenever it does arrive, it should be coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. 

How are you feeling about Skate after seeing this new footage? And when do you believe that the game will actually end up releasing in a formal capacity? Let me know your own best guess either down in the comments or reach out to me on social media at @MooreMan12.