Rumor: Skate 4 Could Be Coming After All, According To New Retail Listings

Oh, Skate 4. For a while there, we saw a lot of hubbub over the proposed Electronic Arts [...]

Skate 3

Oh, Skate 4. For a while there, we saw a lot of hubbub over the proposed Electronic Arts skateboarding sequel, only for the company to fizzle out our hopes and leave us looking at the spiritual successor Session instead. But now, a new retail listing suggests that we might just get the game after all.

Some new retail listings have appeared over on a Swedish retailer site called Webhallen, indicating that the fourth Skate game is in the works for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, set for release in "2018." The box art for the listings looks a little suspect, with a fake "4" placed next to the all too familiar Skate logo, but this could possibly just be a temporary placeholder in favor of the real cover art, which would be revealed by Electronic Arts – if the game was happening that is.

The game's price is listed at 599 kr, which apparently equates to $74. That's a little high for a retail priced game, but keep in mind that Webhallen sells all its games for that price, so this isn't a special scenario.

We've heard so much about Skate 4 in the past, with EA originally joking that it was on the way, only to come back last year and note that the game wasn't currently in production. But you never know. EA could be working on the project as a way to kind of mend fences with gamers, since it left them feeling a little bit burned over its decision making with Star Wars: Battlefront II, with its controversial loot boxes. It also doesn't help that the company is one of the most hated in America, after spending so many years attempting to bounce back from such a label.

The company is hosting its annual EA Play event before the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year, so if we do get a confirmation for Skate 4, it'll likely be there. For now, though, take the listings with a grain of salt. It's not happening – yet – but you never know. EA, quit playing with our hearts and just announce it already.

(Thanks to EGM for the tip!)