The Walking Dead Publisher, Skybound Games, Is Opening Its Own Games Division

Skybound Entertainment has made quite a name for itself over the years, namely with the success of [...]


Skybound Entertainment has made quite a name for itself over the years, namely with the success of The Walking Dead comics, amongst other projects. Now, it's seeing what it can do within the games division.

The company has announced that it has launched Skybound Games, which will be specifically focused on video game publishing. However, this announcement won't affect other projects that the company is working on, like Overkill's The Walking Dead. As far as we know, that's still status quo.

The division is being run by Ian Howe, who helped co-found the 505 Games brand, and they've already picked up a couple of projects that will be published for the retail market. The first is the indie hit The Long Dark, and the company will also produce the retail version of the first-person game Slime Ranchers, which has been a huge hit on the Xbox One circuit for the past few months. Both games will arrive this September for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, for a yet unspecified price.

In a press statement, Howe noted that "partnering with David Alpert, Robert Kirkman, and the rest of the Skybound team is the perfect home for a new video games publishing venture, given their continued dedication to creators in all forms of media."

He continued by saying "the company we are building will not only provide a full range of publishing services but will also offer opportunities for game creators to expand their intellectual properties into other forms of media via Skybound's existing relationships."

And the company will continue to license several properties with other companies (thus Overkill's The Walking Dead staying the way it is), Skybound Games will also "create new IPs and further expand Skybound properties," though Howe didn't break down which properties we'd be seeing just yet.

Still, it sounds like the company is getting off on the right foot, picking up a couple of indie hits for fans to pick up at retail. And more than likely, we'll see just how much the company is going to expand in a few months, as it's likely to have a very big presence at either E3 or San Diego Comic-Con. We'll see what happens.

We wish Howe and company the best of luck on this new venture!