'Skyrim: Shadow of Morrowind' Is a Breathtaking Elder Scrolls Experience

Skyrim has been out for quite awhile but the expansive RPG experience in the iconic Elder Scrolls [...]

Skyrim has been out for quite awhile but the expansive RPG experience in the iconic Elder Scrolls franchise continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. From Bethesda themselves continuously offering up new ways to play (even on freaking Alexa, come on!), to incredible modders putting their hearts and souls into their own fan-made projects - the world of Tamriel has never been busier. For those looking to take their Dragonborn out for a new way to explore while also giving a powerful throwback to Morrowind, we've got just the thing for you!

(Photo: Shadow of Morrowind Overhaul)

The Shadow of Morrowind mod takes players back to ... well, Morrowind. It allows those that missed the previous entry into the franchise a chance to roam what's left of the province and explore a beloved area once more. Even better? There's an even better way to play as a new Shadow of Morrowind Overhaul mod has been added to take what the original project brought to the game and make it a thousand times more stunning.

(Photo: Shadow of Morrowind Overhaul)

The Overhaul addition definitely isn't mandatory to enjoy the original mod, Shadow of Morrowind is a stunning experience - even more so for long-time fans of this series. It's great way to see a familiar area once more with the freedom to explore as the player sees fit.

Here's what you need to know if you want to use the Overhaul with the original Shadow of Morrowind mod:

- ALL DLCs for Skryim required
- Install Shadow of Morrowind main mod, update, and map fix. Then install this mod and overwrite when asked
- Main file contains plugin, large .bsa archive, and landscape terrain for Morrowind
- Loose files available in optional download section. Install main mod, then loose files, then delete .bsa
- Billboards and Object LOD available in optional section and required for use with DynDOLOD or TES5Edit
- *NEW* as of 7/14 an optional high res texture pack is now available (optional section). I reworked some of the diffuse textures and normal maps in photoshop with a max resolution of 2K. Install main mod first (including loose files version if you choose to use it), then install the texture pack and overwrite when asked

It's pretty easy to use! For the original Shadow of Morrowind mod, go here. For the Overhaul addition, check out this Nexus Mods listing. And if you've got any games you've got a request for mod recommendations, feel free to hit up the author of this story over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy - recommendations galore!