Sony Publishing New Multiplayer Game from Destiny, BioShock Veterans

Sony announced today a publishing agreement with ProbablyMonsters to work with Firewalk Studios as [...]

Sony announced today a publishing agreement with ProbablyMonsters to work with Firewalk Studios as the developer creates a new, AAA multiplayer experience. A release window for that game and really any other detail about it was absent from the post where Sony announced the new collaboration, but we do know some of the people who are working on the title and can look at what they've done in the past as indications of what's to come.

In true teaser fashion, we don't yet have a name for the game either. What we do have is Tony Hsu, the former CFO of Activision Publishing who's now the studio head of Probably Monsters, saying the next-gen studio has put together "an amazing and diverse team of best-in-class talent" to create games like the AAA experience being worked on.

Hsu, speaking in a PlayStation Blog post about the new partnership, named a few of the people working on the title and their credentials to bolster the new game and prep people for when we'll actually learn more about it.

"Our collective leadership team is no stranger to building memorable multiplayer experiences," Hsu said. "Ryan Ellis, our Game Director, was a Creative Director on Destiny. Elena Siegman, our Executive Producer, was a producer on Guitar Hero II, Bioshock Infinite, and multiple Destiny releases. Our deeply talented team has helped bring to life franchises like Mass Effect and Apex Legends. Combined with my own experience (and, er, thousands of hours played) on Call of Duty and Destiny, we've had the opportunity to deliver some of the decade's biggest experiences to gamers – and we've loved it."

For those hoping this game will be a spin-off of whatever your favorite PlayStation series is, you'll want to hold onto that excitement for another time. It was confirmed in the announcement that this game is going to be a new IP, so don't expect this to be related to a PlayStation property you're already familiar with.

No timeframe was given to determine when we'll hear more about this game, but if it's being teased already in the PlayStation Blog, we'll hopefully hear more about the new multiplayer project sooner rather than later. It's assumed that the game will come to the PlayStation 5 given how Hsu referred to the company as a next-gen studio, though it's unclear exactly which platforms this new game will be available on.