Soulja Boy Adds Two More Consoles For Sale On His Site, But They Aren’t Much Better

Earlier this month, we reported the news that rapper Soulja Boy was stepping into the game [...]

Earlier this month, we reported the news that rapper Soulja Boy was stepping into the game industry, with two game systems for sale on his website. Only problem- they're not his, but merely knock-offs that he slapped his brand on. And apparently, there's more where that came from.

Soulja 2

The rapper took to Twitter to share the news that two more game systems have been made available for purchase on his Souljawatch website. The first is a new-generation designed console called the SouljaGame Fuze; and the second is a Game Boy-ish handheld called the Retro SouljaBoy Mini. You can see the tweets below.

As tempting as these might sound to his fans, keep something in mind. The previously offered consoles were originally produced by ANBERNIC; and the new ones are as well.

The Fuze is also being offered here on AliExpress for a much lower price than what Soulja pushed it up to; and ANBERNIC has got that same handheld system for just $50, lower than Soulja Boy's pre-set price of $69.99.

But there could be bigger problems brewing here that could get the rapper in legal trouble, if he's not in it already. Along with the possibility that the "hundreds of games" offered on each system are from emulators (an illegal practice), Soulja also made note in one of the tweets above about companies that are on board, despite the fact that they aren't.

This has us wondering if any of the companies in that tweet will file legal charges to prevent Soulja Boy from selling the consoles. It looks like it can be easily proven that they aren't legal, though no one has spoken up just yet.

Still, Twitter users didn't hold back when it came to Soulja's announcements, calling him out for selling the knockoff hardware. Check out some of the best below:

We'll see what happens in the weeks ahead. But, yeah, maybe close down the console-selling business and focus more on your esports initiative, Soulja. You don't want game companies taking your "Pretty Boy Swag."