‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ With the Raimi Suit and Danny Elfman Score Is Sheer Perfection

Most of you Spider-Man fans probably had a field day this morning when Insomniac Games officially [...]

Most of you Spider-Man fans probably had a field day this morning when Insomniac Games officially added the "Sam Raimi" suit to the hit PlayStation 4 game, enabling you to swing around with the Tobey Maguire-worn (or J.K. Simmons, for some of you) favorite. But one outlet has managed to bump the experience up a notch by adding a classy soundtrack to the action!

DualShockers has released a new video, which can be seen above. In it, we see the "webbed suit" (that's officially what it's called) in action, but set to a very familiar score. Yep, we're treated to about three-something minutes of Spidey swinging around to the Danny Elfman theme from the Spider-Man 2 film that was released back in 2004. And, honestly, it's a perfect fit.

The music starts off slowly as Spidey takes a good look around New York City at sunset. But the second he jumps off the top of the tower he's on, it kicks into high gear, keeping up tempo with his swinging around. The player slows down again midway through, only to eventually end up resting about where he started in the end.

To be honest, it's pretty well synched- and to set the mood even further, the DualShockers writer lined up his footage within the game to match the theme of the original movie poster, at sunset. You can see that below to compare the two.

Spiderman 2

This is really good stuff. That said, fans are likely to come up with more creative videos in the days ahead (could someone set swinging action to "Vindicated" by Dashboard Confessional? That's not a request, BTW), but this is a good start for what's bound to be a fun holiday season for both Spider-Man fans and those that enjoyed the original Sam Raimi trilogy. We'll share any fun new videos we find.

In the meantime, Marvel's Spider-Man is available now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. Be sure to check out our review!

(Hat tip to DualShockers for sharing the video!)