How to Watch Square Enix's E3 2021 Presentation

While Xbox and Bethesda might have the most marquee presentation of the day, Square Enix is set to [...]

While Xbox and Bethesda might have the most marquee presentation of the day, Square Enix is set to hold an E3 2021 showcase of its own this afternoon. The event itself, which is being called Square Enix Presents, is set to feature new game announcements, updates on previously revealed titles, and a number of other surprises.

If you're clicking on this article, though, you're surely looking for more information about Square Enix Presents. Here's everything that you need to know if you're looking to tune-in for yourself.

What Time Does Square Enix Presents Begin?

Square Enix Presents is set to begin today, June 13, and will take place at 12:15pm PST/3:15pm EST. As for how long it will run Square Enix Presents is said to be roughly 40 minutes in total. While that might not be as long as some other presentations this week, it definitely seems like Square Enix should be able to fill out the presentation with more than enough reveals.

Where to Watch Square Enix Presents

Per usual, if you're looking to watch Square Enix Presents, you'll be able to watch it in a variety of locations. Twitch and YouTube will be the two most common locations in which you can watch the showcase. You can also watch the event via the official E3 YouTube channel as well. And if all of those hoops are too much to jump through, you can also find the stream embedded at the top of this article.

Games We Expect to See at Square Enix Presents

So what exactly is going to be announced at Square Enix Presents? Well, for now, the publisher has only confirmed that Babylon's Fall, Marvel's Avengers, and Life is Strange: True Colors are guaranteed to appear. A new game reveal from studio Eidos Montreal is also set to take place, although we don't currently know what this project could be in relation to.

As for other things that could be in the cards, rumors related to Final Fantasy have been running amok. Not only is Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 in development, but other spin-offs and remasters might be coming as well. It remains to be seen if this all actually appears during Square Enix Presents, but the show should have a lot to be excited about.