Star Citizen's Squadron 42 Single-Player Campaign Shows Off the Coil in Impressive New Video

Could Imperium Games' Star Citizen continues to chug along in their development process, and the [...]

Could Imperium Games' Star Citizen continues to chug along in their development process, and the same can be said for its single-player campaign Squadron 42. The latest video to show off what's in store for the space simulator gives a stunning look at the Coil and what areas players have to look forward to.

VP of Marketing Sandi Gardiner and the game's Director Chris Roberts sat down in the video above to give an inside look at the "foreboding, mysterious Coil" and what actually went into the creation of this particular aspect of the game. They also go into the many, many challenges the developers faced when creating some of the more intricate aspects of the environmentals seen in-game, like those stunning cosmic clouds and the amazing concept art shown!

Squadron 42 offers a unique experience for those looking for something a little more individual with less online engagement. Star Wars' Mark Hamill, X-Files Gillian Anderson, and more are all a part of it is as well to give the characters a more realistic representation in-game so that players can get lost in the narrative.

More about Squadron 42:

"Embark on a cinematic single-player adventure as a rookie Navy combat pilot in the Star Citizenuniverse. Get to know your crewmates aboard a living capital ship while deciding on how to overcome challenging missions and deadly enemies.

In 2945, the brave men and women of the United Empire of Earth's Navy fight tirelessly to protect Humanity. While dangerous aliens like the Vanduul are a constant threat along the Empire's borders, outlaws and bandits often prove just as dangerous closer to home. These massive capital spaceships keep a vigilant watch over Humanity's star systems, ready to launch squadrons of deadly fighters should a threat arise. You are one of these brave men and women. You'll serve alongside a vibrant crew, each with personalities and storylines of their own, while a dynamic conversation and reputation system allows you to define your character through your actions and interactions to craft an experience all your own."

The game is expecting a major update bringing it to the Alpha 3.1 stage this march, with even more to explore in-game.