Star Wars Battlefront 2 Actors Working Together on Secret New Project

While Star Wars Battlefront II is no longer receiving new content, it seems that two actors [...]

While Star Wars Battlefront II is no longer receiving new content, it seems that two actors involved in the game are currently working on a new project together. On Twitter, Anthony Skordi and T.J. Ramini had an interesting exchange prompted by a clip from Battlefront II. Ramini took the opportunity to drop a hint about a secret project involving the two, but stopped short before revealing any details. Skordi portrayed Admiral Garrick Versio in Battlefront II, while Ramini took on the role of Del Meeko. It remains to be seen just what this project might be, but the presence of that Battlefront II clip does make things quite interesting!

The exchange between the two actors can be found embedded below.

The final update for Star Wars Battlefront II released last April, leaving many Star Wars fans questioning the future of the series. A petition from fans looking for additional content reached more than 50,000 signatures a month later, but nothing has come of it, since. It's possible that the clamor convinced EA to create a new game in the series. After all, Star Wars is clearly important to EA. Games like Jedi: Fallen Order and Squadrons continue to receive new updates, and the publisher has hinted at future Star Wars projects. It's impossible to say whether or not a new Battlefront game would be a priority, but the publisher has seen some of the demand. For now, fans of the series will just have to wait and see what the publisher will do next with the brand.

Of course, at this time, it seems much more likely that Skordi and Ramini are working on something else entirely. The two actors have appeared in other games together, including Diablo III and Sleeping Dogs. Both of their characters died at the end of Battlefront II's campaign, so it's hard to imagine how they might return. Regardless of what comes next for the two, it should be interesting to see!

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