Star Wars Battlefront II Petition For More Paid DLC Has Over 50,000 Signatures

There's a new Star Wars Battlefront II petition that demands Electronic Arts and DICE continue to [...]

There's a new Star Wars Battlefront II petition that demands Electronic Arts and DICE continue to add paid DLC to the game. And at the moment of publishing, it has over 50,000 signatures. When Star Wars Battlefront II first launched in 2017, Star Wars fans were more content with dunking on the game rather than playing it. It wasn't great, and it was worsened by a horrible monetization that was bolstered by not just loot box implementation, but some of the most anti-consumer loot box implementation we had ever seen up until that point. It was a disaster that caught the attention of the mainstream media and government legislation.

That said, despite all of this, the game still sold very well on the name alone. And now years later, many players have returned to the shooter, which has been completely revamped and improved. It's an excellent multiplayer game now, but it's a little too late, or so EA thinks by its lack of support for the title.

Taking to, one player hopes to change this. Their demands? For EA to continue paid and premium support of the game.

"Star Wars: Battlefront II is one of the greatest video game redemption stories of all time," reads the petition. "From a disastrous launch to a complete success, the transformation of the game is inspiring to all Star Wars fans and gamers alike. Unfortunately, the game was cut short while still having so much potential for wonderful new content. New maps, heroes, skins, private matches, private servers, etc. are a must for this game. All those who sign this petition would be willing to pay for the new DLC to keep this awesome game alive."

At the moment, 54,601 people have signed the petition, and new signatures continue to come in, despite the fact that it's a few weeks old. Will it be enough to catch the attention of EA? Probably. But will it be enough for EA to issue some new DLC for the game? Probably not.

Star Wars Battlefront II is available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. As for Star Wars Battlefront III, the last we heard was that it's currently not in development.