Droidekas Come to Star Wars Battlefront II in New Update

Star Wars Battlefront II’s latest update has finally added one of the most anticipated features [...]

Star Wars Battlefront II's latest update has finally added one of the most anticipated features that the community has been waiting on: Droidekas. These rolling robots have been a talking point for some time now with rumors that they'd be coming to the game getting players' hopes up around this time last year, but they're now in the game for everyone to use now that EA DICE has released the "Where are those Droidekas?" update for all platforms.

Whether you call them by their actual name or refer to them as the "rollie boys" like much of the community does, these units need little introduction if you're familiar with the Clone Wars era of Star Wars. Armed with twin blasters and a bubble shield that provides them with some extra defense, these droids are slow when they're in their walking form but can put out sustained fire from behind their shield. For extra mobility, they can roll up into a ball and speed around the map. The trailer above shows what they look like in the game in various stages of battle.

"One of the most feared droids finally joins the Separatist army, wielding twin blasters and personal deflector shield generators, making them a formidable foe for anyone that faces off against them in combat," DICE's patch notes for the update read. "Destructive weaponry and a powerful shield aren't their only characteristics, as the ability to transform and swiftly relocate has become synonymous with the Droideka."

Since the update was released, players have already been trying out the new Droidekas to see how they stack up against other iconic units. Players have also been sharing some actual gameplay clips using the Droidekas, and the consensus appears to be that they're fun to play as despite the fact that they might need a damage and/or shield buff. They're still as new as they can be though, so it'll probably take players a while to adjust to them as DICE evaluates potential changes.

Star Wars Battlefront II's "Where are those Droidekas?" update is now live across all platforms.