Star Wars Battlefront 2's Final Content Update Brings Back Scarif

When Star Wars Battlefront II released in the fall of 2017, the game was met with a hefty dose of [...]

When Star Wars Battlefront II released in the fall of 2017, the game was met with a hefty dose of derision from fans, thanks mostly to the game's microtransactions. In the more than two years since the game's release, however, EA DICE has made a number of updates, and opinion on Battlefront II has shifted dramatically, as a result. All good things must come to an end, however, as EA DICE has announced the final content update for the game. The developer will continue to support the game, but fans should not expect new content.

The content update will add a number of planets to Age of Rebellion Supremacy: Scarif, Hoth, Yavin 4, Death Star II, and Tatooine. These locations will also be playable offline, through Instant Action. Instant Action mode is getting bolstered in other ways, as well. Instant Action Missions allow players to battle alongside three AI bots in different scenarios, while Faction Select will allow players to choose whether they're attacking or defending in the game. The MC85 Star Cruiser and Resurgent-Class Star Destroyer have been added to co-op, as their own standalone locations. Players will soon find them in the regular map rotation for co-op mode in Age of Resistance. Crait will also be added to Heroes vs. Villains mode.

With the arrival of Scarif, the Shoretroopers will also arrive in the game. Additionally, existing characters are getting some new skins: Darth Maul (Old Master, based on Star Wars Rebels), two for Rey Skywalker, one with hood up, and another with her yellow lightsaber (based on The Rise of Skywalker), Emperor Palpatine (Sith Eternal, based on The Rise of Skywalker), and Kylo Ren (hood up).

All in all, it looks like the final product is a huge improvement from the game's initial release! Fans can judge for themselves when the final content update goes live on April 29th.

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