Report: Star Wars Battlefront II's Future DLC Characters Will Cost More Credits Than Base Heroes

Star Wars Battlefront II is almost upon us and many are looking forward to exploring the new [...]


Star Wars Battlefront II is almost upon us and many are looking forward to exploring the new storyline featuring Iden Versio while also battling it out in the multiplayer as fan favourites. While there is a lot to be excited about, and even though EA did fix many of the microtransaction concerns since the beta, there are still a few lingering issues that fans with the way the publisher is going about additional content. In light of more revelations of how they are encouraging the "pay-to-win" mentality, a new report comes out about the future characters.

A new leak has emerged from one Redditer that has been responsible for viable information in the past, especially surrounding EA news. According to this user, he is "breaking his silence" put on them for undisclosed reasons to talk about the upcoming content and why fans should be wary:

"For those of you who don't know or don't remember me I leaked a fair amount of information and did a leaks AMA a few months back but because of certain circumstances I had to go silent for a bit. I'm breaking that silence because the systems put in place by EA are serious fucked and will ruin this game. There's good news though, the constant negative press and consumer backlash is having an effect within the company but needs to continue, hell even increased. Please don't fall for their bullshit, they're going to make a passive aggressive statement about how the amount of post launch seasons will be decreased because of lackluster lootbox sales in order to try and guilt people to buy boxes to get more content in the future. It's straight bullshit. Do not buy any crates, I'm completely serious that this will help the game in the long run. All the "free dlc" will need to be bought with credits. That means new heroes, weapons and yes possibly even vehicles will need to be bought before playing with them. The prices are currently even higher than the base game prices so believe me when I say it will only get worse from here unless the pushback is big enough. I will answer any questions/clarify anything that I can because this is a huge issue.

Just to make some more points clear, the current credit prices for things such as heroes or lootboxes is how it will be for launch. They didn't jack up the prices for people who had EA Access those are literally the current prices for everything in the game."

The comment thread eventually turned into a thorough conversation about calling out publishers for this growing trend of microtransactions and the way "free" content is being handled. It does go to show that there are two definitive sides to this argument: those who are sick of the growing emphasis on microtransactions in gaming, and those that really don't see what the fuss is about.

Star Wars Battlefront II will be out for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on November 17th.