StarCraft II Re-Imagined as an Anime Thanks to One Talented Artist

The StarCraft franchise is wildly loved by Blizzard fans, and for good reason. The longstanding [...]

The StarCraft franchise is wildly loved by Blizzard fans, and for good reason. The longstanding series has a lot of unique characters, addictive gameplay, and a lot of longevity as far as player experience. One artist took a break from constructing additional pylons to re-imagine what the series would look like as an anime. Warning, it will make you want an official StarCraft anime.

Thanks to well-known illustrator AnimatorYu, we can a more up close look at what could have been as he recreates a few inspired images from the iconic series and makes them something more. The artist himself posted the images to the Inven forums to share his concept with the rest of the world alongside with the expressed desire to give even more Blizzard characters the anime treatment.

(Photo: AnimatorYu)
(Photo: AnimatorYu)
(Photo: AnimatorYu)

With the amazing animated shorts that Blizzard has unveiled in the past, this isn't the first time fans have asked for, or created their own, anime renditions. Maybe if enough people share off amazing concept art as seen above, the team behind StarCraft might get something a little more official rolling. We can dream!

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