Stardew Valley Creator Says Multiplayer Update Will Affect Single-player

Stardew Valley players are gearing up for the multiplayer feature that’ll let them connect with [...]

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Stardew Valley players are gearing up for the multiplayer feature that'll let them connect with while farming and working, but the game's creator says that the big multiplayer update will also include elements that'll affect the single-player mode.

The acclaimed indie game is being continuously worked on by creator Eric Barone as the game gets more updates, content, and was even recently ported to the Nintendo Switch. In a tweet from Tuesday, Barone commented on the upcoming multiplayer expansion and revealed that he's got plans for those who have stuck with the single-player function as well.

Barone didn't expand any on what types of upcoming content single-player fans should expect to see, but you can expect some of them to be secret elements that'll take a while to find as well. The developer has a history of tucking hidden features and Easter eggs away in the game to make players dig for the new content, so the same will likely happen once again in the next big update.

When the multiplayer component is finally released for Stardew Valley, it won't hit all of the platforms at the same time. Instead, it'll roll out to the PC version first, but PS4, Xbox One, and Switch owners shouldn't have to wait too long. Barone said in a follow-up tweet that the patch would be released for the PC first, everywhere else shortly after.

The multiplayer addition to the game would set it apart from other farm simulators in its genre that typically focus only on a single-player experience, but players have been waiting for it for some time now. It was teased and received more specific details involving marriage and other features several months ago, and with the update now being talked about more often, it looks like the update shouldn't be too far away now.