Starfield Players Warned of Scam Targeting Fans

Starfield players are being targeted by a scam, and should be careful while surfing Google. The new game from Bethesda Game Studios -- the developer behind The Elder Scrolls and Fallout -- is set to release this September, and alongside the likes of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, Final Fantasy 16, and Diablo 4, it's one of the most anticipated games left for this calendar year. As you would expect, Xbox and PC users are excited to get their hands on the RPG. That said, if you've seen advertisemnts for an Open Beta of the game, this is a scam. There hasn't been any word of a beta, of any sorts, for the game. 

It's been pointed out by many that when you Google "Starfield," the top result is a sponsored link to an Open Beta of the game that promises you can play the sci-fi RPG right now. Thankfully, it seems Google has fixed this issue, but there's always the chance it could come back. If it does, don't be fooled. There is no announced beta for the game, and it's unlikely there will be an type of beta, open or closed, before the game is released. 

We are not going to advertise where the false link brings you, but it leads to an executable file being opened on your PC, which in turn no doubt downloads a boatload of unidentified malware you don't want on your device. How this happened, we don't know, but it's not that uncommon. 

Starfield is set to release worldwide on September 6 via Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC. When it releases, it will be available via a standalone purchase of $69.99 or via Xbox Game Pass.

"The year is 2330. Humanity has ventured beyond our solar system, settling new planets, and living as a spacefaring people," reads an official bit about the game. "From humble beginnings as a space miner, you will join Constellation – the last group of space explorers seeking rare artifacts throughout the galaxy – and navigate the vast expanse of the Settled Systems in Bethesda Game Studios' biggest and most ambitious game."

H/T, PC Gamer.