Pathfinder: Kingmaker Developer Teases Starfinder Game

The makers of the Pathfinder: Kingmaker and Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous video games is teasing a new project, this time tied to another Paizo tabletop franchise. Earlier this week, Owlcat Games posted a new teaser site that suggests it will be making a Starfinder video game. The background of the website shows an asteroid field, with several planets floating in the background. You can check out the full website here, which leads to a newsletter sign up page for more details. 

Starfinder is the sci-fi cousin to Pathfinder, the popular fantasy tabletop roleplaying game and alternative to Dungeons & Dragons. While Starfinder famously features spaceships, laser guns, and exploring alien worlds, the two games actually are set in the same universe. Not only do the games share many of the same races, one of the central mysteries of Starfinder involves the disappearance of Golorian, the planet on which all Pathfinder adventures take place. The planet famously disappeared along with several hundred years' worth of historical records from every computer and database in the galaxy in a phenomena known only as The Gap. The only remnant of Golorian is Absalom Station, a space station and hub for the galaxy that sits in the location where Golorian once stood. 

The thought of a Starfinder game is very exciting, especially given Owlcat's history of building wonderfully faithful adaptation of Pathfinder's rules system. Players familiar with Pathfinder should be able to pick up a Starfinder game easily, as Starfinder tweaks many Pathfinder mechanics to fit sci-fi themes. Of course, Starfinder also has robust rules for space combat, so a Starfinder game could go in a lot of different directions.

We could hear more details about Owlcat Games this weekend, as Paizo is hosting its annual PaizoCon. The timing between the website's appearance and the convention is suspicious, so don't be surprised get some more news very soon.