Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition Coming To iOS Next Month

If you’ve been looking to get into a good fighting game and don’t have Street Fighter V on [...]


If you've been looking to get into a good fighting game and don't have Street Fighter V on PlayStation 4 (or, for that matter, a PlayStation 4), we've got some good news.

Per this report from Shoryuken, Capcom will release Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition for iOS devices starting early next month. Although a price point wasn't given on the game, it's expected to release around $9.99.

The game follows up the previously released version of Street Fighter IV for mobile devices, but adds a number of features that should make it worth the upgrade for some, including better graphics, support for newer iOS based devices, and a number of new additions to the roster, including Dudley, Ibuki and Poison.

On top of that, those interested in learning the specific release date for the game can register at this page to be notified when it will become available for purchase.

Although a mobile-based fighting game obviously won't be as popular as the console-based ones – mainly due to the features that are involved with them, despite the higher price – this should nevertheless be good news for fighting fans that have been looking for a brawler to take on-the-go, even if thatg means getting used to touch-screen based controls. (If you've played Street Fighter previously for iOS devices, however, you should be right at home already.)

In addition, players can challenge one another through Wi-Fi connectivity, though it's unknown what kind of lobby support the game will have upon launch. Considering it's Capcom, though, we should expect at least some kind of support in terms of matches running smoothly, but that could depend on the demand upon its release.

A new trailer for the game has also been revealed, which you can find above. Though it's a bit on the short side, it gives you an idea of what kind of fighting action you can expect from the game (and it doesn't look too bad), as well as the roster that you'll be able to play with, featuring a large number of fighters. Not bad for a mobile release.

We'll let you know once the game officially goes on sale!