Street Fighter IV Will Make A Return To Mobile This Summer With More Fighters

We’ve got a lot of Street Fighter action going on as it is, between additions coming to Street [...]


We've got a lot of Street Fighter action going on as it is, between additions coming to Street Fighter V, as well as Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers launching for Nintendo Switch tomorrow. But soon, mobile fans will be able to get back into the fighting action, as Capcom has announced the return of a fan favorite for both iPhone and iPad.

The publisher has announced that Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition will be making its debut this summer, which will act as an improved version of the previously released beat-em-up for iOS devices. It will come with better visuals than the previous version, as well as support for wider-screen devices. But, most importantly, it will introduce three new combatants into the fold.

The game will now feature Poison (from the Final Fight series), Ibuki and Dudley (two mainstays from Street Fighter III), along with the previously introduced fighters in the cast. This will bring the overall character selection to 25, which isn't too shabby for a mobile effort.

Players will once again be able to battle against the AI, but they can also hop online to take on fellow players, should they feel the need to challenge them. The game will also once again incorporate the "virtual pad" style of control, along with four command buttons. This "allows players to execute moves through multiple key combinations and shortcuts," according to the publisher. For those that prefer it, you can also use external controllers and Gamepads through Bluetooth.

Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition will launch sometime this summer, though a specific release date hasn't been given yet. A price point also hasn't been reached, but the original Street Fighter IV currently goes for $4, so it'll likely be somewhere around $5 when all is said and done.

Sure, it may not be the equivalent of a console fighting game, but it never hurts to have something portable on hand when fellow players wish to challenge you. Plus, when's the last time you saw a fully loaded fighting effort go for so cheap?

We'll keep you notified once we hear about a final release date.