Ezaki Glico USA Announces Pocky K.O. Challenge for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Competitive gamers are always looking for their next big challenge. For competitive Street Fighter [...]

Competitive gamers are always looking for their next big challenge. For competitive Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition players, the latest comes in the form of a unique new promotion with Ezaki Glico USA and their Pocky snack food.

For the uninitiated, a Pocky is a biscuit stick coated in chocolate, with just enough of the biscuit left uncovered so it can be held without making a mess. The Pocky K.O. Challenge tasks players with defeating their opponent while leaving just enough health left to mimic that particular design.

To showcase the new challenge, Ezaki Glico USA and Capcom have announced a special exhibition match at Capcom Cup 2019. This special exhibition match will feature globally ranked esports players competing in a limited release of Street Fighter V: Pocky Edition. It is unknown at this time if the special edition of the game will acknowledge the accomplishment on-screen, and if versions of this game will be made in some limited capacity. Pocky packages will also be used to promote the event, featuring art of Street Fighter characters Ryu and Chun-Li.

As anyone that has ever played Street Fighter will tell you, completing a Pocky K.O. shouldn't prove an easy goal. Monitoring your opponent's health bar in addition to allowing just enough damage to your own adds quite a bit of strategy to the challenge, while also giving players that have already been eliminated from securing that particular KO an extra incentive to pull off an upset.

"Gaming is an incredible experience that unifies a community across the world and we're excited to partner with Capcom to create a unique, one-of-a-kind experience," said Hirohisa Tamai, Ezaki Glico's Assistant Global Brand Manager. "Pocky is committed to long term support of esports communities. We at Pocky have spirit and we love to share happiness. Esports brings happiness to every member of the audience and we want to help share the joy and excitement alongside them."

Watching some of the world's best esports players attempt to score a Pocky K.O. should prove rather entertaining, but casual Street Fighter V players can also get in on the action, as well. Those who manage to score a Pocky K.O. can share a video of the accomplishment using the hashtag #POCKYKO, and be entered for a chance to see their video played during the Capcom Cup. Eleven players in total will have their video shown during the event.

Those that have yet to check out Street Fighter V, however, might want to hold off just a little bit longer if the Pocky K.O. competition doesn't appeal to them. That's because Capcom has announced a new version of the fighting game, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. The title will feature a new fighter, new moves and additional extras. The title will release for PlayStation 4 and PC February 14, 2020.

Capcom Cup 2019 will be held December 13-15 in Los Angeles, California.