‘Super Dragon Ball Heroes’ Gets a Debut Trailer

We’ve only heard a few things about the forthcoming Super Dragon Ball Heroes for Nintendo [...]

We've only heard a few things about the forthcoming Super Dragon Ball Heroes for Nintendo Switch, but it's already shaping up to be a pretty solid title. And now we've got a first glimpse of it in action, as Bandai Namco of Japan has debuted a new trailer, which you can see above.

The trailer runs about a good two minutes (well, under that with the anniversary logo and all), but it gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect from Heroes, including a glimpse at various cards you'll do within the game.

After showing off a pretty cool logo, we start to get into the gameplay, including a close look at the world you'll be battling in, as well as some of the characters you'll be calling upon to do battle with. It looks like it takes place in a virtual arena situated in the city, as well as other locations from the series.

And it's action packed, with a number of spectacular attacks that users can call upon to unleash on others. The character variety looks to be pretty strong as well, including popular favorites like Goku and Vegeta; as well as a few more obscure characters that we'd love to see duke it out, even with just a few card dealings.

We posted details about the game last week, and here are some of them in case you missed out:

The curtain rises on seven-versus-seven (maximum) card-based battles!

The story of a new "Hero" in the world of Dragon Ball. The Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game popular in game centers across Japan makes its debut on Nintendo Switch! Card battles have super-evolved from five to seven cards and battles are even faster. Create a team all your own from the cards you collected and aim to become the strongest hero!

1,160 cards from Super Dragon Ball Heroes!

Cards Super Dragon Ball Heroes sets one through eight, and Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission sets one and two will appear for a total of 1,160 cards across 10 sets!

Around 350 characters will appear, the highest amount in any Dragon Ball game ever!

The dual-screen gameplay of the arcade version is replicated on a single screen in the Nintendo Switch version!

Super Dragon Ball Heroes hasn't been announced for the West just yet, but it should arrive in Japan sometime in 2019. Knowing Bandai Namco, though, we'll likely see the game come out here shortly thereafter.

(Hat tip to Nintendo Everything for the scoop!)