Super Mario 64 Speedrunner Freaks Out After Reclaiming World Record

Super Mario 64 is a game that has a massive speedrunning community. Not only are players to this [...]

Super Mario 64 is a game that has a massive speedrunning community. Not only are players to this day trying to speedrun the game as fast as possible in the normal manner, but there are variant speedruns as well which involve getting a certain number of stars. Of all the variant speedruns that players have attempted, though, the world record for arguably the most difficult to achieve has been broken once again.

A Super Mario 64 speedrunner by the name of Kanno has just barely beaten the world record time for completing the game with 0 stars. Yes, believe it or not, Super Mario 64 is able to be beaten without collecting any stars at all. The game has certain sections where you can essentially clip past a vast majority of the worlds and reach the ending battle against Bowser. It's difficult to do this, but if you know what you're doing, it means you can finish the entire game in a matter of minutes.

Kanno has been attempting to break the world record run with 0 stars for quite a long time, and finally, within the past week, he achieved this feat. Kanno was actually streaming his playthrough when he broke the record and initially, he didn't think he got it. He even went as far as to tell his audience "sorry" for not getting it. After taking down Bowser though to end the game, Kanno obtained the final star needed to see Super Mario 64 through to its conclusion and just barely got the top time by a margin of less than a second.

Soon after Kanno realized that he had achieved this record, he began to lose his mind. The streamer began laughing uncontrollably and seemed nearly on the verge of tears after finally becoming the best in the world. He then thanked his audience for being with him in the moment.

To put into context how much this means to Kanno, the Super Mario 64 speedrunner has been attempting to get this record for a long time. Kanno put in a little bit more than 20,000 runs before finally getting this world record for himself.

Despite now having the highest time, he's not looking to stop his runs any time soon. While Kanno's current record sits at six minutes and 31 seconds, he's next looking to get under six minutes and 30 seconds. It remains to be seen if Kanno will see this through, but hopefully, it doesn't take him another 20,000 attempts to lower the time even more.

[H/T Dexerto]