Robot Creates Incredible Super Mario Bros. Mural Using 100,000 Dominoes in 24 Hours

A robot created by engineer and YouTuber Mark Rober was able to create an incredible mural [...]

A robot created by engineer and YouTuber Mark Rober was able to create an incredible mural inspired by Super Mario Bros. using 100,000 dominoes in just 24 hours. The robot in question is named the "Dominator," and it's able to put down 300 dominoes at a time. The entire process took considerable effort to design and make work, but the resulting "Super Domino Bros." mural is an incredible sight. Of course, the appeal of dominoes is knocking them down, and Rober and his team even designed a way for a Super Mario Green Shell plush to knock them all down!

Rober laid out the entire process in a YouTube video, which can be found at the top of this page. A brief tease can also be found in the Tweet embedded below.

Rober had the concept of making a domino-laying robot for three years, but couldn't quite figure out all of the specifics needed to make it work. However, the YouTuber mentioned the concept at a Q&A, drawing the interest of two college students and a software engineer. Within two years, they were able to make the design work!

Creating the robot seemed to take a considerable effort, but once Rober and his team were able to iron out the issues, the results were quite impressive. In fact, Rober had Dominator go up against domino artist Lily Hevesh to see which one could set up 300 dominoes quicker. Hevesh couldn't come close, and Rober claims that a team of seven humans would take a week to lay out 100,000 dominoes the way Dominator did in 24 hours. Dominator's accomplishment of setting up 100,000 dominoes in that time frame broke a Guinness World Record, and it did so with an awesome design paying homage to one of the best games ever made. For fans of Super Mario Bros., the video is a must-watch!

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