The Original Super Mario Bros. Arcade Game Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Earlier this year, the developers at Hamster expanded its Arcade Archives line-up for the Nintendo [...]

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Earlier this year, the developers at Hamster expanded its Arcade Archives line-up for the Nintendo Switch by introducing an old-school port of the two-player Mario Bros., alongside its many Neo-Geo releases that have been coming out for the system at that time.

That left a lot of fans wondering – could we possibly see some more Nintendo arcade ports come to the system? Good news, it's looking that way.

NintendoLife recently reported that, with the reveal of a new holiday booklet, the publisher may have inadvertently revealed the debut of yet another Nintendo classic for the Switch, coming just in time for the holidays – Super Mario Bros.

But, surprisingly enough, this isn't a port of the home game that made the Nintendo Entertainment System go off like a rocket. Instead, this is a port of the Vs. Super Mario Bros. arcade game that made its rounds at the same time as the home game, offering a two-player competitive mode (with players taking turns) and other little tweaks to make it stand out from the home release.

The booklet indicates that the game will get a "festive" home release on December 22nd, just in time for the holidays. Now, the booklet was printed in Japan, so, for now, it looks like that release date is only for that country. However, considering the popularity of the Mario series here, it's probably just a matter of time before we see it arrive on our shores.

In fact, it'd make an ideal release for the Switch in time for the holidays, since people love nostalgic games to go along with their newly purchased hardware. Super Mario Odyssey is great too, of course, but it never hurts to learn your humble beginnings.

The information on the booklet can be found in the tweet below, and also points out other arcade titles for the system – including an arcade port of the fighting classic Double Dragon, which could be right around the corner. (Arc System Works previously released Double Dragon IV for the Switch earlier this year, though it's really a sequel to the altered NES version.)

It should be noted that the arcade version of Super Mario Bros. actually has a slightly higher difficulty than the home release, with some changed-up level designs and a boosted challenge. That's not to say it's Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels, mind you, but just be prepared for some unexpected changes.

We'll let you know once the game is confirmed for our shores, but don't be surprised if Nintendo makes an announcement soon.