Construction on Super Nintendo World's Donkey Kong Expansion Has Apparently Started

Rumors of a Super Nintendo World expansion focused on Donkey Kong have been swirling for some time now, and it seems that construction may have begun in Universal Studios Japan. Twitter user @Hibirobo_Disney has shared images of construction taking place at the park, and a Jungle theme can be seen near Super Nintendo World. A datamine of the park's app last year revealed "stickers" related to the Donkey Kong Country series, including images of DK, Diddy, a mine cart, and more. Despite this, the characters remain notably absent from Super Nintendo World. Unfortunately, Nintendo and Universal Studios have been quiet on the possibility thus far.

The images can be seen in the Tweet embedded below.

Until we know anything concrete, it's hard to say what a Donkey Kong-inspired expansion might look like, but the characters would make a lot of sense for the park! After all, Donkey Kong started life as Mario's nemesis, and the character continues to appear in Mario family games, including Mario Golf: Super Rush, and Mario Party Superstars. Super Nintendo World has primarily focused on the Mario family, and Donkey Kong fits that bill.

An old concept model of Super Nintendo World included a Donkey Kong section, with many elements from the Donkey Kong Country series, including what looked like a mine cart ride. The mine cart stages have been iconic since they first appeared in Donkey Kong Country back in 1994; giving riders the chance to experience them for real would be nothing short of amazing! This year coincidentally marks the 40th anniversary of the first Donkey Kong game, which debuted in arcades in 1981. Nintendo has not revealed any plans to celebrate the anniversary, but an announcement of a DK expansion at Super Nintendo World would certainly be a great gift to fans!

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