New Super Nintendo World Commercial Shows Off Mario Kart Ride

With the calendar now having turned over to 2021, Super Nintendo World is officially slated to [...]

With the calendar now having turned over to 2021, Super Nintendo World is officially slated to launch this year at Universal Studios in Japan. Prior to the park's opening in just a few short months, though, Nintendo is now giving prospective visitors another taste of what they can expect from the location in a new ad.

Spotted in a new commercial, Nintendo has teased a new look at the biggest ride that Super Nintendo World will seemingly offer out of the gate. The ride is centered around Nintendo's iconic racing franchise Mario Kart and will allow park-goers to enter into a real-world kart and zoom around a virtual racing course. You can get a look at the new commercial mentioned via the tweet below.

Obviously, what is being shown in this video isn't what the actual Mario Kart ride itself will end up looking like. If it did, well, that'd be pretty trippy. The kart itself that appears in this video does seem to be exactly like the one that fans will be able to hop into at Super Nintendo World, though, so there is that.

In addition to this Mario Kart ride, Super Nintendo World is going to boast a ton of other surprises that longtime Nintendo fans will surely get a kick out of. Not only is the entire park filled with beloved Mario iconography, but those who visit will also be able to earn virtual gold coins, take part in various activities, and eat food that reflects what you might find in the Mushroom Kingdom. All in all, it looks like it will be quite a bit of fun.

Super Nintendo World is slated to finally open in Universal Studios Japan later this year on February 4, 2021. While this will be the first such location in the world, the same experience is slated to come to Universal parks in the United States down the road. To keep up to date with those future developments, you can continue following our coverage of the park right here.

So how do you feel about Super Nintendo World based on everything that has been shown of it so far? Are you intending to take a vacation to the amusement park in the future? Let me know down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12 to talk more.

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