New Super Nintendo World Video Shows Moving Mario Platforms at Universal Tokyo

Super Nintendo World is currently in construction at Universal Studios Japan, and today our first [...]

Super Nintendo World is currently in construction at Universal Studios Japan, and today our first look at one of exhibits has been revealed. More specifically, a brief video is making the rounds on Twitter that features a crane dangling a working Mario platform section in the air. And if you're familiar with the classic Mario platformers, the piece is immediately recognizable.

For those that don't know: Super Nintendo World theme park was first announced in May 2015 as a partnership between Nintendo and Universal Parks & Resorts, as part of a initiative from the former to leverage and develop its intellectual properties. Being built for $351 million USD, it's similar in scale and scope to Universal's investment in the Harry Potter franchise. As of right now, construction is scheduled to wrap in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Meanwhile, Universal's Epic Universe is also planning to add the themed land in 2023.

Of course, the more the public gets to see of the upcoming attraction, the more hype starts to build. However, there's also some concerns and critiques, especially pertaining to the piece in this video, which some users were quick to point out looks a bit cheap.

Looking ahead, Universal has already confirmed that there are plans to bring the attraction to Universal Studios Signapore, but, for now, no timeframe on when this will happen has been provided. Meanwhile, plans to bring it to Universal Studios Hollywood have also been confirmed, but again, no further salient details have been divulged. What Nintendo has noted though is that rides will differ across each instance of the park, making each installment unique.

As always, feel free to leave a comment or two or 47 letting us know what you think. Are you looking forward to Super Nintendo World or you keeping your excitement in check until you see more of it?