Super Rare Games Announces Multiple Physical Nintendo Switch Games

While some companies believe we’re headed to an all-digital gaming future, there are a few that [...]

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While some companies believe we're headed to an all-digital gaming future, there are a few that still have faith in physical game releases. Like, for example, Super Rare Games.

The London-based gaming company is taking a similar route to what Limited Run Games has done, as it has announced that it will publish nine indie games for Nintendo Switch in physical form. While specific release dates weren't given just yet, all of these games are expected to arrive sometime this year.

The games will be available for $34.99 apiece with around 3,000 to 5,000 copies made for each one. That should make them instant collectibles for anyone that owns a Switch so hopefully we'll see a pre-order program take shape before the games actually come out. Each game will also include a limited edition sticker and a trading card pack.

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As far as what games we can look forward to, here's the rundown!

  • Worms WMD- Team 17's awesome multiplayer blast-a-thon features tons of customization options, as well as various battlefields to destroy worms on
  • Mutant Mudds Collection- featuring the original Mutant Mudds, the difficult Super Challenge and the Mudd Blocks puzzle game, this three-pack promises to be a good time
  • Steredenn: Binary Stars- this exciting side-scrolling shooter offers a great deal of diversity, with five ships to choose from and tons of exciting situations
  • Knights of Pen and Paper 1 and 2- these role-playing sagas can now be yours, with hours' worth of tactics to master combined with an inventive art style
  • Fairune Collection- a compilation of enjoyable Legend of Zelda style adventures, including Fairune, Fairune 2 and Fairune Origin
  • N++ Ultimate Edition- master the art of bouncing off walls and avoiding traps in this fast-paced, speedrun-built platformer
  • The Adventure Pals- a wildly fun side-scrolling adventure where you play an imaginative kid, teaming up with several cohorts to save the day from a dastardly villain
  • Lovers In a Dangerous Spacetime- grab a friend and master a large but maneuverable spaceship through various situations in this original and cool co-op based adventure
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The best way to keep tabs on the release of these games is to visit the official Super Rare Games website. We'll let you know any other details that become available about the games.

In the meantime, you can shop the site and pick up other titles for the Switch, including Human: Fall Flat, Shelter Generations and The Flame In the Flood!

(Hat tip to Nintendo Life for the details!)