These ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ and ‘Battletoads’ Inspired Controllers Will Put You In a Fighting Mood

We’re starting to wonder if the team at Kustom Kontrollerz gets any rest. Just a short while [...]

We're starting to wonder if the team at Kustom Kontrollerz gets any rest. Just a short while after the peripheral designers showcased a few designs for Mortal Kombat 11, they're at it again, this time with a round of peripherals inspired by the other hit fighting game making the rounds.

Super Smash 2

The team posted a new image on its Twitter account today, showing off four different characters in red and blue designed Pro Controllers. And, yeah, we totally want them.

The designs feature such characters as Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog in blue; and Donkey Kong and Mario in red. There's some nice faded colors here, even though the general black shade remains on the grips, D-pad, buttons and analog sticks. Hey, they're still great when it comes to getting us in a fighting mood.

Check out the image in the tweet below:

Now, this doesn't mean that the controllers are being offered for purchase. These aren't official Nintendo controllers by any means, but rather inspired designs by fans of the game. However, if you're curious, you can reach out to Kustom Kontrollerz on Twitter, as well as emailing them at Who knows, they just might be able to put together a neat design for you, as they've done for others in the past.

The team's been quite busy today. Just hours before, they posted a new design for a Battletoads controller for Xbox One that looks superb, and should put fans in the mood to play the forthcoming reboot of the classic game franchise, which should release this year. It's definitely green-y, and has a toad-ally (ehhhh?) sweet character design to go along with it. Check it out in the image below.

Again, they're not partnered with Microsoft or anything, but fans may get a kick out of this. With frog feet, no less.

Are you inspired by Kustom Kontrollerz' work? Do you have a particular favorite? Let me know on Twitter at @TheDCD!