Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Theory Might Deconfirm New Pokemon and Sonic Fighters

When it comes to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's DLC fighters, Nintendo Switch fans are always [...]

When it comes to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's DLC fighters, Nintendo Switch fans are always looking at every possible angle to figure out which characters might be revealed next. There are two roster spots left in Fighter's Pass Vol. 2, and a new fan theory alleges that two franchises won't see another character: Pokemon and Sonic the Hedgehog. The theory basically boils down to the developer's use of voice actors in the game, and the pattern that's been seen with the first four fighters released in Fighter's Pass Vol. 2; specifically, the fact that European voice actors have not been brought back.

None of the characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Fighter's Pass Vol. 2 have had dialogue recorded in languages other than English or Japanese. Additionally, the crowd begins to chant when a player is doing well. Typically, the crowd chants the character's name. In the first Fighter's Pass, chants were recorded in multiple languages. However, with the second Fighter's Pass, Nintendo has only recorded cheers in English and Japanese. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate voice actor Xander Mobus previously stated that Nintendo would have him do chants for multiple characters at a time, some of which were fake to prevent leaks. The theory posits that, if Nintendo were going to use voice actors in other countries for this Fighter's Pass, we would have heard them already.

If true, this theory wouldn't rule out any character with a different name in the region; an English or Japanese voice actor could simply chant that character's name. However, it would rule out characters in those territories that would require specific voice actors for consistency. Since Pokemon always say their name, they would need a specific European voice actor. Since the Sonic voices used in the game thus far are voiced in multiple languages, Nintendo would need multiple voices for a new Sonic character in order to maintain consistency.

The theory has been making the rounds a bit. It was posted by an anonymous user on 4Chan and then shared on Twitter by user @mickey_smash. It was then picked up and covered in a video by @GenosPapa. The Tweet can be found embedded below, and the video can be found at the top of this page. The theory's coverage begins around the 3-minute mark.

As with any Smash theory, it's hard to say how much stock fans should put into this. That said, the reasoning makes sense based on how Nintendo has done things previously. Fortunately, an end is likely within sight. E3 is set to kick-off next month, and fans can probably expect to see at least one of the two fighters revealed during Nintendo's presentation. In 2019, Nintendo revealed two fighters during the show, so there is precedent for more than one fighter being revealed. Regardless of what gets announced, fans should have some answers soon.

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