Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Kazuya Update Is Now Live, Patch Notes Released

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version 12.0.0 is now live, bringing the latest fighter to the Nintendo [...]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version 12.0.0 is now live, bringing the latest fighter to the Nintendo Switch game: Kazuya from Tekken! In addition to the new fighter, this latest update brings in multiple new Mii Fighter Costumes from various video games, as well as new Spirits based on the Tekken franchise. Last but not least, players can expect to see other fixes that have been made to the gameplay experience. With just one fighter left from Fighter's Pass Vol. 2, this is probably the second last major update the game will see. Full patch notes have been released by Nintendo and can be found below.

  • Offline
    • The following spirits from the Tekken series will appear in the Shop on the Vault menu:
        • Heihachi Mishima
        • Jin Kazama
        • Kuma & Panda
        • Nina Williams
        • King & Armor King
        • Ling Xiaoyu
        • Paul Phoenix & Marshall Law
        • Yoshimitsu
        • Jack-7
        • Asuka Kazama

      *Jin Kazama's spirit is Enhanceable.

    • The below Spirits will now appear in the Spirit Board and Shop:
      • Sophia
      • Arthur
  • General
    • The following downloadable content will be usable after purchase:
      • Kazuya Challenger Pack
      • Dante Wig + Outfit
      • Shantae Wig + Outfit
      • Dragonborn Helm + Outfit
      • Lloyd Wig + Outfit

      Note: You cannot make videos of replays that contain DLC you have not purchased (fighters, stages, music, Mii Fighter costumes, etc.).

    • Game-balance adjustments have been made. Please see the details of fixes and changes to fighters.
    • Several issues have been fixed to improve gameplay experience.

Now that Kazuya has been added to the game, fans will have to wait patiently to find out who the final fighter will be! Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a massive roster of playable characters spanning the history of the video game medium. While fans would love to see Master Chief, Crash Bandicoot, or Sora join the line-up, it remains to be seen how Nintendo will wrap things up. For now, fans will just have to wait patiently, but version 12.0.0 should keep them pretty busy while they're waiting for the game's next major announcement!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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