‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Fan Builds an Incredible Devoted Arcade Cabinet

The fandom for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is off the charts these days now that the game is out, [...]

The fandom for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is off the charts these days now that the game is out, between the devotees that know how to "main" almost every character on the roster; and the fans that want nothing more than to see their favorite join the cast. (Looking at you, Waluigi cosplayers.) But one in particular has gone above and beyond, creating an arcade cabinet from scratch worthy of the Smash name.

Super Smash

(Photo: Vanstuke, Reddit)

A Reddit user by the name of Vanstuke has put together a detailed thread discussing the creation of the arcade cabinet. As you can see from the pic above, it's a beautiful piece of work, complete with a light-up marquee sign; an HD display to see all the action; a place to hold drinks (since it was made at a brewing company, which we'll get to in a moment); and four GameCube controllers, connected to a Switch inside the cabinet via Switch/Wii U adapters.

The cabinet was put together at the Actual Brewing Company in Ohio, whose logo you can see on the bottom side. It's a pretty neat project and one that was actually put together in just four days' time, though each day lasted about 12 to 14 hours straight.

You can see some of the in-production shots below, in which Vanstuke first began with concept drawings and early parts before putting everything together carefully. All of the pictures can be found here on the Reddit thread.

Super Smash 6
(Photo: Vanstuke, Reddit)
Super Smash 2
(Photo: Vanstuke, Reddit)
Super Smash 3
(Photo: falseVanstuke, Reddit)
Super Smash 4
(Photo: Vanstuke, Reddit)
Super Smash 5
(Photo: Vanstuke, Reddit)

It's hard to believe that he was able to put together such a thing of beauty in less than a week -- and has us wondering what other devoted cabinets he could build in the future. Alas, he hasn't announced his plans, probably because he's too busy enjoying Smash like the rest of us.

And we're not sure if the game is still at Actual Brewing or at Vanstuke's house, but it'd make a great tourist attraction. We want to take a quick tour stop up there just to see how the cabinet is in person. Hey, why not, it's the holidays, right?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now for Nintendo Switch in both physical format and digital via the eShop. You can check out our review-in-progress here.

(Hat tip to DualShockers for the scoop!)