Sony's Syphon Filter Could Be Making A Comeback

While we’re enjoying a number of Sony franchises these days – like Crash Bandicoot and the [...]


While we're enjoying a number of Sony franchises these days – like Crash Bandicoot and the returning God of War – there are a number that have fallen off the wayside since thriving on the original PlayStation.

One of these is Syphon Filter, the third-person action/adventure series that saw a number of releases developed by Eidetic (now known as SIE Bend Studio, who's working on the 2018 release Days Gone). The last release we saw in the series was the 2007 game Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable – but that may change sooner rather than later.

Gematsu recently posted a notice on Twitter indicating that Sony has filed a fresh trademark notice for Syphon Filter, indicating that the franchise could be on the comeback trail. It doesn't indicate what game is in the works, or for what platform, but the PlayStation 4 seems like the most logical choice. You can see the documents in the tweet below:

The series initially debuted in 1999 with the original Syphon Filter for the Sony PlayStation, followed by a number of sequels, including The Omega Strain for PlayStation 2. But it's been ages since we've heard from it – and now Sony could be bringing it back.

This is merely a rumor, since Sony hasn't said a word about the game. However, PlayStation Experience is coming up next month, and Sony has surprised us before by bringing back classic franchises on the PS4, like last year's announcements of Parappa the Rapper Remastered and WipEout: Omega Collection. So anything is possible.

Now here's the question – who would be working on this new game? As we mentioned, SIE Bend is hard at work on Days Gone, so unless they have individual teams, that counts them out. But Sony does have access to a number of developers that could easily allow the franchise to shine, so once it's announced, we'll have a better idea of who's working on it – and what kind of adventure we're in for.

At this point, we're merely counting the days until PlayStation Experience takes place, to see if this officially becomes a thing. In the meantime, though, you can check out the original game for PlayStation 3 and Sony PSP (as a PS One Classic), as well as the original PlayStation.