Taito Bringing Space Invaders Extreme, Groove Coaster To PC

Last year, we reported that Taito was looking to do big things on the Steam/PC front for 2018, and [...]

Space Invaders

Last year, we reported that Taito was looking to do big things on the Steam/PC front for 2018, and now it appears that the company has already begun laying out plans for new games to debut on the service.

Taito, alongside Degica Games, has announced two games that will be joining the line-up this year, including its most innovative Space Invaders game to date, along with a music/rhythm offering that will bring groovin' to a whole new level.

First up is Space Invaders Extreme. The game originally made its debut on Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS back in 2008, and takes the classic shoot-em-up action of the arcade original to new heights. You'll face wave upon wave of creative alien enemies, all while attaining power-ups and trying to get the best score possible on the leaderboards. It will also feature updated visuals and sound, along with a new World Ranking System for Arcade Mode.

For those of you in a musical frame of mind, Groove Coaster will also be released this year. The game allows players to take control of an avatar on a line, eliminating notes as they appear to the beat of a song. The game was a big hit on the mobile front, and also made its debut in Japanese and U.S. arcades as well, with a special variation of the game with a big button to pound on. No doubt the game will be much easier to control on the Steam front.

Space Invaders Extreme will release in February on Steam, and you can check out its debut page here. As for Groove Coaster, it doesn't have a release date yet, but it's expected to arrive sometime over the next few months. Prices haven't been revealed, but the games are likely to sell for $9.99 each.

Taito hasn't unveiled any other games coming to the Steam service just yet, but there's a good chance we'll be seeing more of its classic hits popping up, including Bubble Bobble and Elevator Action. In the meantime, you can check out the trailer above and see what kind of unique experiences both Space Invaders Extreme and Groove Coaster have to offer.